Hi, I'm Lisa, welcome to Uniqlets, Jewelry by Lisa . Please linger and check out the one of a kind art jewelry that I design and make.   The vintage and unusual objects I collect are the elements in my unique bracelets, necklaces and rings.  I have tried my hand at many crafts, but making jewelry is the one I love.   I began by making vintage button bracelets using my grandmother's wonderful old buttons.  Now, I have gone way beyond those basic button bracelets.

My passions for all things hand crafted and vintage come together in this collection. Each piece is designed and made by me with care and attention to detail.   I rework vintage jewelry, old and antique buttons and other unusual objects to make distinctive, one of a kind jewelry and objects.     Upcycled, Steampunk, elegant or whimsical, my creations are bold.  Shy and retiring accessories are not my style so I design what I love - statement pieces.  The looks vary, I hope you will find something that is uniquely your style.

You can see some of my creations on the designs page or click the link to my SHOP to see new pieces, multiple images and prices.  I enjoy making custom jewelry and can include objects that are special to you.  Please contact me and we can work together on the design.  From my shop, or made to order, I personally design and make each piece.

My latest line is called
Wearable Art/Displayable Jewelry

Framed piece or pendant, it is one of a kind.

The chain hangs on the back of the frame.