is home to singular upcycled, re-purposed, collage jewelry made from vintage parts. 

 As long as I can remember, I have  loved and collected all sorts of vintage and antique objects.  The detail and workmanship in even the most utilitarian things from the the first part of the 20th century makes them worthy of re-use and some later pieces have great whimsy or style. Those collections are the inspiration for my creations. My goal is to give new life to all the bits and pieces. I design vintage button bracelets, Steampunk necklaces and bracelets,  collage jewelry.  One collection of necklaces has matching displays so they can sit on a table or shelf when they aren’t being worn. Who said jewelry has to sit in a box or drawer when it isn’t on your person?


Vintage and antique buttons, old mechanical watch parts, vintage game pieces, old brooches, if the shape, texture or color is interesting, it may become part of a bracelet, pin, necklace or ring.  If it strikes my fancy, I will use it. Bakelite, wood, glass or metal, no material is out of bounds.